Top Five Favorite Sewing Projects on My Blog

Top Five Favorite Sewing Projects on Nancy Zieman the Blog

Top Five Favorite Sewing Projects on My Blog

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Top Five Favorite Sewing Projects on Nancy Zieman the BlogI’m always intrigued to learn which Sewing With Nancy TV shows, sewing or quilting patterns, sewing techniques, and sewing or quilting projects, featured on my blog, are your favorites.

Top 5 Favorite Sewing Projects

My findings? I’ve listed a review of the projects and links below. If you’ve missed one or two, now’s your time to catch-up on popular sewing and quilting ideas and projects.

Also, several of you have asked for downloadable, printable instructions of these projects. For your convenience, these five projects are available to purchase as downloadable files.

Kids’ Activity Bag

Nancy Zieman's top five sewing project blogs

Most fabric bags or totes for kids are rather wimpy. I remember putting toys and books in fabric bags for my boys, but the parts and pieces would often get lost in the bottom of the bag. After buying adorable finger puppets for my granddaughters, I knew they needed a home in an activity bag. Read how you too can easily make an activity bag. Or, purchase the downloadable project sheet.

Topsy Turvy Table Runner

Nancy Zieman's How to make a table runner with a dresden plate rulerRiley Blake Designs sent me a collection of grey and white prints that really caught my eye. Teaming them with a lime-colored solid, I knew a table runner was soon to be created. The design I chose is a nontraditional Dresden wedge. No round shapes here—the wedge-shapes of the Dresden are stitched topsy-turvy—to create a linear look. This finished table runner is approximately 18″ x 86″. You can shorten it or lengthen it, depending on your table size. Read more or purchase and download the project sheet.

Nancy Zieman's Topsy-Turvy Table Runner Project Sheet

Sew a Makeup Bag that Makes a Difference

Nancy Zieman's How to sew a makeup bag

When asked to gather a basket of goodies for Relay for Life, I knew that something special was needed to include in the basket. An embroidered makeup bag, with a machine embroidery design that supports cancer awareness, was the focal item of the giveaway. Read more or purchase the downloadable instructions.

Nancy Zieman's Makeup Bag Project Sheet

Dresden Melody Table Runner

Nancy Zieman's Dresden Melody Table Runner

Think outside the traditional patchwork world and use a multisized Dresden Template to add a modern twist to a tried ‘n true design. I call it the Dresden Melody with five half-Dresden Plate Designs that seem to flow melodically together. The finished size is 28″ x 82″. Enjoy this patchwork tutorial! Read more or purchase the downloadable instructions.

Trio of Pillows

Nancy Zieman's How to sew three easy pillowsWhen sewing pillows, I find that cotton fabrics always require a backing or interfacing to prevent the fabric from sagging or looking flimsy. Using a double-sided quilted fabric, which has a layer of beefy batting between the fabric layers, automatically gives the pillows a plump look. (Here’s one time when the adjective plump is a positive!) Plus, the two coordinating fabrics provide great design options. Read how to create these three pillows or purchase the downloadable instructions.

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  • Lillian K
    October 1, 2016

    Loved seeing these ideas. I will have to give several of them a try. Thanks for reposting.

  • June Defibaugh
    October 1, 2016

    Several months ago I saw a wool “thing” for the dryer, tin foil in middle. I can’t find the article now and need to know if it was raw or finished wool. Have several spinners who would give me some if I knew what I wanted. thanks

  • Pat Hicks
    October 1, 2016

    Love your blog, thank you. I will definitely be back to get the downloadable patterns after class.

  • Kathryn Dahn
    October 1, 2016

    I love your use of different size Dresden templates – really gives a lot of movement even in a tone on tone or solid!

  • PsychicSewerKathleen
    October 1, 2016

    I love so many of Nancy’s projects and help on her shows it would be impossible for me to choose my favourites! I’ve recommended her show to so many sewers online I’ve lost count. What a brilliant service Nancy and Ed TV has provided – love her Clover notions too!

  • Judy G
    October 1, 2016

    Thank you for re-visiting these projects. It reminded me that a Topsy-Turvy Table Runner is on my bucket list.

  • Gail Beam
    October 1, 2016

    Love the kids activity bag, it is so cute!

  • Barb Steinmetz
    October 1, 2016

    Great patterns. The activivy bag is on my list and the topsy turvy table rumner. Thank you!!

  • Helen Stewart
    October 1, 2016

    the kids activity bags are of interest to me as they would help corral the little people my great grandchildren like to carry around.

  • Diane S.
    October 1, 2016

    Thanks so much for these projects.

  • Sharon H
    October 3, 2016

    Let’s be honest….I love anything Zieman, especially those quilted pillows. I can never seem to find any fabric that cute. Where can I get some of the one shown?

  • Carrie S
    October 3, 2016

    Love the kids activity bag,,, so many ideas so little time…

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