Quilt to Give: Step Five—Create the Columns


Quilt to Give: Step Five—Create the Columns

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It’s time for the fifth step in Quilt to Give, creating a bed-sized quilt from your stash of fabric (or combined fabric stashes of friends) with the purpose of giving it away to someone in need. After this step you’ll be at the halfway point of finishing your quilt.

Step Five—Create the Columns

  • Lay out pairs of completed outside column strips in the color sequence of your choice. The example features a twin-sized bed quilt with 11 columns—a double/queen sized bed quilt would have 13 columns. We selected six colors of fabric with the center column color only used once. See Lesson Two for other options.P5260168.JPG
  • Create a column, stitching a solid color on each side of the patchy strip, sewn in Step Four.P5310028.JPG
  • P6010065.JPG
  • Press the seam allowances toward the solid outside strips.P6010053.JPG
  • Lay out the columns on the floor or cutting table to make certain that you like the color layout. Adjust if necessary.P6010081.JPG

This is an easy step! When you’re complete you’ll see great progress in your quilt.

The end goal is pictured below—just five more steps! (The Quilt to Give is a hybrid of a quilt I original demonstrated on TV. You can find another variation of this quilt in the book and DVD, Quick Column Quilts Book.)

Step six is next. Here are the links to all the steps:

Step 1—Sort out fabrics from several stashes

Step 2—Cut column strips and center patchy strips 

Step 3—Stitch column lengths

Step 4—Stitch the patchy center columns

Step 5—Create the columns

Step 6—Piece the quilt top

Step 7—Audition borders

Step 8—Add borders

Step 9—Layer and quilt your creation

Step 10—Binding and labeling

Quilt for Others with “Quilt to Give” Learn how to set-up and organize a Quilt to Give Event.P6080028.JPG

The gift is in the giving!

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  • Margaret
    June 19, 2011

    I just wanted to say that I am unable to make  this quilt right now but I’m following it like a hound on a trail LOL.  This seems so easy so far, I can’t wait to try it!  My question though is do I need to have a quilting machine to actually do the quilting part?  I don’t see how half a quilt would fit under the arm or my sewing machine.

  • Caroline ritze
    July 19, 2015

    This is similar to one that I did a few years ago. I cut the squares as rectangles then cut diagonal . Exchanges one diagonal piece with a different one then sewed them together. Also, I used one color for the divider columns.
    I quilted with a flower design in the columns.
    It was fun.

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