Join Us for Quilt Expo—September 8-10, 2016

Murdererskill Crossing Quilt by Janet Atkins, Athens NY at Quilt Expo

Join Us for Quilt Expo—September 8-10, 2016

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Murdererskill Crossing Quilt by Janet Atkins, Athens NY at Quilt Expo
2015 Murdererskill Crossing by Janet Atkins, Athens NY

On September 8–10 thousands of quilting enthusiasts will gather in Madison, WI, to find inspiration, share new techniques, stock up on supplies, and celebrate the joy of quilting. Now in its twelfth year, Quilt Expo continues to be the Midwest’s premier quilting destination. I invite you to join me at this year’s event!

It’s a Big Deal!

Here’s a sampling of the highlights of this year’s Quilt Expo. With over 200 educational lectures, sit & sew workshops, and hands-on workshops, there’s something for everyone. Plus you’ll find hundreds of quilts on display.

View the juried and judged quilt contest—over 350 amazing quiltsQuilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman BlogQuilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman Blog

Vote for your favorite quilt for Viewer’s Choice

2015 Quilt Expo Best of Show Red Feathers Marilyn Badger Claudia Clark Myers

  • 2015 Quilt Expo Best of Show—Red Feathers by Marilyn Badger (Saint George, UT) and Claudia Clark Myers (Duluth, MN)

Stroll through hundreds of Special Exhibit Quilts

  • Quilt Expo Playful Posies Quilt by Nancy Zieman Playful Posies, part of the Black & White Plus One Quilt Challenge, at the 2016 Quilt Expo

Shop in the 85,000-square-foot vendor mall

Quilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman Blog

Attend Lectures from nationally known celebrity presenters

Ann Wanke More Stash Magic Lecture at Quilt Expo

Attend a Sit & Sew Workshop

  • You’ll find a variety of offerings when you go to the Quilt Expo website. Sign up soon, as these workshops quickly fill.

Jane Godshall Introduction to Foundationless Piecing Class at Quilt Expo

Lanscape Painting With Fabric Class by Susan Hoffman

Attend Stage Presentations

Quilt Expo Madison Wi September 10-12 2015 Stage presentations

  • Our Kids’ Quilt Challenge, which is held on the stage, is a Saturday morning favorite.

Quilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman Blog

Sign-up for an Evening Event

  • Thursday night, September 8, join Meg Cox as she Celebrates Quilters with serious quilting (and partying) skills! 
  • Making Meaning: Craative Ways Quilters CelebrateWhat do murder mysteries and quilting have in common? Join Melissa Bourbon on Friday night, September 9, for a fun and entertaining evening.

Pleating for Mercy with Melissa Bourbon at Quilt Expo

Participate in the Quilt to Give community service project

Quilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman Blog

Quilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman BlogQuilt Expo Madison WI September 10-12 2015 Nancy Zieman Blog

Get in Step!

Just like quilting, becoming heart healthy comes together one piece at a time. Join UW Health/Go Red for Women and pick up a free pedometer in the front lobby, to keep track of your steps while promoting healthy living.

Quilt Expo Madison Wi September 10-12 2015  UW Health Go Red for Women

These Quilt Expo Attendees walked 10,000 steps a day. (Yes, that's "Flat Nancy!)

Plus Quilt Appraisals, Commemorative T-Shirts and Tote Bags, A Raffle at the Wisconsin Public Television Booth, and More!

Free Quilt Expo T-Shirt When You Sign Up To Volunteer

Register Online

Click to register! and save $2 on every admission ticket, lecture ticket, and workshop ticket, when you preregister by September 5. Visit for details.

  • Quilt Expo, September 8-10, 2016 in Madison WIIf you’re interested in covering Quilt Expo happenings, register using the Media Form.

Get a sneak peek into Quilt Expo! Watch A Modern Quilting Bee on Sewing With Nancy online.

To watch Sewing With Nancy on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, download the app.

Watch Sewing With Nancy online at

Three random winners will receive a pair of Quilt Expo Tickets. To be eligible, answer this question: What’s the first thing you’ll do at Quilt Expo? (Getting a cup of coffee doesn’t count!) Win Quilt Expo Tickets at Nancy Zieman the Blog

See you at Quilt Expo!
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  • Joyce
    August 13, 2016

    I like to just walk around and check out the quilts, then I love the shopping!

  • Amelia McNairy
    August 13, 2016

    Wow! An opportunity to go to the expo. The first thing I would do is meet and greet as many participants as possible –they’re all sisters and brothers.

  • Jacque
    August 13, 2016

    I want to see the prize winning quilts. I can only hope to be half the quilter that most entrants are. The 5-hr. drive will be worth it!!

  • Kathy Marlow
    August 13, 2016

    The first thing I will do is visit all the quilts to get inspired. It will also be the last thing I will do. I love seeing all the talented people’s finished product.

  • Jade
    August 13, 2016

    The first thing I’ll do is visit the Nancy’s Notions booth, it’s the first booth you see when you walk in and has the best buys!

  • Pat
    August 13, 2016

    The first thing I do at Quilt Expo is to head for the quilt display. These wonderful examples of the quilter’s art always inspire me. Such talent and creativity! Thanks for the chance to win tickets.

  • Joyce Jensen
    August 13, 2016

    I’d look at all of the beautiful quilts and then shop. I’d have a list of what I need and what I want to see or learn. Oh and I’d have to buy a Quilt Expo tee shirt!

  • Lynda Adair
    August 13, 2016

    The first thing I would do is check out the classes offered at the expo, and sign up for the ones that I really wanted. Then,
    I would check out the vendors, and make note of the ones that I wanted to return to, as well as any lectures by sewing celebrities. I would have a special time set apart just to view and take in the quilts entered in the show. .

  • Linda Brngal
    August 13, 2016

    I would:
    1). Register online for classes
    2). Check out the vendors and buy, buy, buy.
    3). Hope my feet hold out.

  • Janet
    August 13, 2016

    I would go to the exhibits first. Then I would check out the vendors. I would probably spend spend spend.

  • Judy e
    August 14, 2016

    I would go to the end of the room and start looking at the booths in an orderly manner, going up and down the aisles. I would keep note of booths that I may want to revisit and go back to them later.

  • Helen
    August 14, 2016

    View the quilts, first and then shop! A great opportunity to visit the Expo.

  • Joyce
    August 14, 2016

    The first thing I do is look at the quilt displays.

  • Marybeth Wells
    August 14, 2016

    Will there be a map of the convention center showing where the venders and eating places are? Will the map show where the classes are held.? It would be great to plan ahead to see where the venders are so we wont miss visiting places we like to shop at and to see the new quilting tools.

  • Jane Hegy
    August 15, 2016

    The first thing I will do is treat myself to a tour of the quilts on display.

  • Carol Carlton
    August 15, 2016

    I am coming for the very first time with some friends. I want to see the quilts to get some inspiration to come home and finish all of my UFOs. I will then walk the aisles checking out everything and go back to shop. I have learned to check out prices before just buying something.

  • R. Edwin
    August 15, 2016

    If I won, I would want to see all the beautiful quilts. Then I would see if there were demonstrations and classes to try. I would also want to find a good place to have some tea and talk to my son who lives in Madison. It be a wonderful excuse to go and see him!

  • pamela smith
    August 15, 2016

    I would love to add to my fabric stash, look at all the beautiful quilts and hope that I am lucky enough to have a Nancy sighting!! Thanks for the chance.

  • Fran Dispensa
    August 16, 2016

    The first thing I’ll do is see where it is less crowded, quilts or vendors, and start there. I’ll be picking up a friend in the Chicago area to go with. My total driving is almost 900 miles from Greensboro, NC, and I feel it is worth every mile to be there.

  • Connie Jennings
    August 16, 2016

    I am very interested in expanding my quilting skills to make landscape and art quilts. So my first task would be to locate examples of those type of quilts on display, and looking for Nancy Ziemans booth so I could “Pick her brain” about that topic.

  • Jody
    August 20, 2016

    What? Coffee doesn’t count? Then I shall just wander the vendors on my way to the back rest rooms! Looking forwarding to attending this year.

  • Steph
    August 22, 2016

    This year, I’ll be attending a one hour session first thing when I get there. Most years, I hit the shopping floor first!

  • Tammy Kazmierczak
    August 22, 2016

    I will go to the exhibitors area. I have never been to any type of sewing expo before and am so excited to see the supplies and techniques that are available to help me on my quilting journey!

  • Denise Zuhlke
    August 22, 2016

    Usually I start by going through the vendor displays working from one end to the center. Then it’s usually lunch time. After that we go through the quilt entries and finish up with the other end of the vendor displays. All in between going to lectures of course!

  • Cindy Gehrke
    August 22, 2016

    My quilt buddy has a quilt entered this year so first thing we’ll go check out the quilts! Then vendors and classes, we’re staying overnight so excited to have two days to explore and enjoy!

  • Carol Schultz
    August 22, 2016

    Bathroom first so I can walk and enjoy the show. What to buy lots of new ideas.

  • PJ Miller
    August 23, 2016

    First thing I do is find the restroom (it’s a LONG drive from Wilson to Expo!). Then I check my schedule because I LOVE to take classes. Between classes and lectures, shop, shop, shop! (After I view the quilts on display, of course.)

  • JoAnne
    August 25, 2016

    Bathroom first (so I can concentrate on all the cool sites)! Then the vendor expo to see what’s new, canoodle with like-minded quilt-aholics, and get inspired!

  • Vicky Gjerde
    August 27, 2016

    The first thing we do (my best friend and I-Hubby) scope out all the vendors and start in one corner and we don’t miss a beat to stop and shop at every vendor. Of course, I stay for the 3 days so we can revisit vendors if I absolutely need to purchase my dreaming of gotta haves after my first nite! LOL I love this show and now it is the only show I attend each year. I love meeting with Nancy as well! Great time! Great inspiration!!!

  • vicky gjerde
    August 27, 2016

    the first thing that my best friend (my hubby) do is scope out the whole facility. We don’t miss a vendor and make sure we see NANCY in person. We spend a minimum of 275 days and when I sleep and dream quilting and all the neat and new things out there, I’m always back for more! Great inspiration and tons of fun!

  • vicky gjerde
    August 27, 2016

    The first thing that my best friend (my hubby) and I do is scope out the whole area of the expo. We are always in AAAW of the new things and look forward to meeting with Nancy at the booth. Great inspiration! Great time!

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