February 2019 Block of the Month: “Be Mine” Heart Block

IMG 9516 11

February 2019 Block of the Month: “Be Mine” Heart Block

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IMG 9516 11


2019 Block of the Month—February: “Be Mine” Heart

In January, Team Nancy Zieman introduced the first of 12 blocks in the  Summer Picnic 2019 FREE! Block of the Month Series. You’ll find the FREE! January “Nancy’s Spool” Block Tutorial in the January 19th NZP Blog Posting. Join the Summer Picnic 2019 Block of the Month Series, anytime, by viewing the supply listing in the January 5th NZP Blog Posting


Each month, we’re featuring one block design. The blocks are created using Nancy Zieman’s Afternoon Picnic Fat Quarter Pack* from Riley Blake Designs (*18″ x 22″ fabric rectangles) plus background, sashing, border, and binding fabrics. Follow along as we demonstrate how to create February’s block, “Be Mine” Heart Block (below).

FQ 7630 19 media 1

IMG 9516 12

Keep your fabric choices sorted using this handy Fabric Planner diagram. Download the planner HERE. Make notes or pin swatches to remind you of the fabric placements.

2019 Block of the Month Afternoon Picnic February PDF

Screen Shot 2019 02 05 at 8.24.16 AM

Choose the Fabrics


For the  Summer Picnic 2019 FREE! Block of the Month Series, “Be Mine” Heart February Quilt Block, select the following fabrics from your Nancy Zieman’s  Afternoon Picnic Fat Quarter Pack from Riley Blake Designs and a Nancy Zieman’s No-Hassle Triangle Gauge by Clover.

IMG 9418

Afternoon Picnic Red Rose, Afternoon Picnic Cream Tonal

“Be Mine” Heart Block

Instructions: (Each block is a 12″ finished square. Finished quilt measures approximately 44-1/2″ x 57-1/2″)

1. Create the “Be Mine” Heart Block with easy 1/2-square triangles, Flying Geese, and a rectangle!

Cut Fabric for Block

  • Cut one 5″ square Afternoon Picnic Red Rose and two 4-1/4″ squares of Afternoon Picnic Cream Tonal

IMG 9422

  • Cut one  3-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ rectangle of Afternoon Picnic Red Rose

IMG 9425

  • Cut one 6-7/8″ square of Afternoon Picnic Red Rose
  • Cut one 6-7/8″ square of Afternoon Picnic Cream Tonal

IMG 9430

Construct The Units

All seam allowances are scant 1/4″ unless otherwise stated.

The step-by-step photos illustrate construction of the block.

Half Square Triangles (HSTs)

  • Make one 6-7/8″ block set of Afternoon Picnic Red Rose and Afternoon Picnic Cream Tonal.
  • Create two 1/2-square triangle blocks of Afternoon Picnic Red Rose and Afternoon Picnic Cream Tonal.

IMG 9431

  • Mark each block set diagonally from corner to corner, using a fabric marking pen and ruler.
  • For greatest accuracy, use a No-Hassle Triangle Gauge. The left side of the gauge is designed to create the 3-1/2″ HST blocks.
  • Depress the button on the sliding portion of the gauge and move to the 6-1/2″ HST icon on the left side of the gauge for the 6-7/8″ square.
  • Place gauge on the block set, corner to corner. Match corner marks of gauge with corner of block sets. Mark fabric through center of gauge with a fine-point, fabric-marking pen.
Note From Team Nancy Zieman The advantage of using the No-Hassle Triangle Gauge is accuracy. It’s easy to double check that the block set fits within the confines of the gauge. If the block set extends beyond or is shorter, trim or cut another block.

IMG 9438

Stitch Half-Square Triangle Block

  • Attach a 1/4″ Patchwork/Quilting Foot to your machine.
  • Set machine for a straight stitch, 2.0–2.5 mm in length.
  • Align foot along one side of the center marked line; stitch a scant 1/4″ from center marked line. Do not cut the threads.
  • Rotate block 180-degrees.
  • Align foot along second side of center marked line; stitch.
IMG 9441
  • With a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler, cut the blocks apart along centerline markings.

IMG 9445

  • Press seam allowances toward the darker fabric.

IMG 9450

Flying Geese Unit

  • Use one 5″ square Afternoon Picnic Red Rose and two 4-1/4″ squares of Afternoon Picnic Cream Tonal to create this unit.
IMG 94221
  • Cut each of the three squares in half on the diagonal.
IMG 9451
  • Place one straight edge of red fabric triangle over diagonal center of one cream fabric triangle. Be sure to center the red fabric triangle edge within the cream triangle’s diagonal center.

IMG 9455

Note From Team Nancy     Notice that triangles will extend past the cut edge about 1/4″ on each end.
  • Stitch using scant 1/4″ seam allowance.
IMG 9457
  • Open and press seam allowances toward the triangle.
IMG 9461
  • Repeat these steps by placing remaining straight edge of red fabric triangle over diagonal center of cream fabric triangle. Be sure to center the red fabric triangle edge within the cream triangle’s diagonal center.

IMG 9462

  • Open and press seam allowance toward the triangle.
IMG 9471
  • Trim any small triangles, often called “Dog Ears,” using a pair of scissors or your rotary cutting tools.
IMG 9475
  • Make a total of two flying geese units.
  • Each of these block segments should measure 3-1/4″ x 6-1/2″, once trimmed.

 Screen Shot 2019 02 05 at 1.28.45 PM

Construct The Blocks

Arrange the Blocks

  • Arrange Block A as shown:

2. Lay out the “Be Mine” Heart Block as follows, rotating block segments as necessary.

IMG 9520

3. Join squares to form a block.

  • Place the flying geese units, right sides together to make the top row.
  • Stitch together at center.

IMG 94801

  • Press seams open, or press seams to alternate sides.
IMG 9484
  • Stitch bottom row together.
IMG 9489
  • Press seams open, or press seams to alternate sides.

IMG 9495

  • Arrange rows as shown below. NOTE: All rows must be the same width, approximately 12-1/2″.

IMG 9497

Note From Team Nancy  In the above photo, you’ll see our top row is wider than our middle and bottom rows. No worries! Simply refold the top row/flying geese unit at center, and restitch with a slightly deeper seam allowance.

IMG 9501

  • Place middle row right sides together with bottom row, stitch together.

IMG 9506

  • Press seam to one side.

IMG 9507

  • Place top row right sides together with middle row, stitch together.

IMG 9512

  • Press seam to one side.

IMG 95161

Happy Sewing,

Team Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC.

Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC

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