2015 Adventure Quilt—Block of the Month #1

2 01 BOM WhiteBkg Copy

2015 Adventure Quilt—Block of the Month #1

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2 01 BOM WhiteBkg Copy

Welcome to the first of twelve Block of the Month patterns. The series of blocks will go together in, what I’m calling, The 2015 Adventure Quilt. Join us on our journey as we stitch our way through many quilting fabrics and scraps using many different techniques. I’ve compiled a collection of blocks that will look great as a sampler, which features one stitched block for each month, or as a single block in a quilt design.
Remember, this quilt will be a scrap adventure for you and I.  Total yardage for the entire quilt is not provided, rather we will be working in a color pallet of scraps (or Fat Quarters).
If you’d like this block pattern as a downloadable PDF, please click the “Print Post as PDF” button at the lower right of this post.

Notions, Fabrics and Supplies:

Let’s get started on the quilt adventure by choosing fabrics. I recommend choosing three colors. Any three colors should work. I’ll be working with black, white, and a green/chartreuse color collection. As I rummaged through my quilting fabric scraps, I found that I had the most of these colors on hand, many of the fabrics from Riley Blake Designs.
2a Choose Fabrics copy

One thing I was thinking as I pulled my fabrics is that I may need to have interchangeable pieces as the months progress. By that I mean, a collection of black-based fabrics, a collection of mostly-white and an assortment of greens. As we add more blocks, I want to ensure easy addition of fabrics if my scrap bin gets low.

January: Scrappy Dresden Fan 

The block this month measures 12-1/2″ x  12-1/2″, and it measures 12″x 12″ once it is stitched into a final project. A 1/4″ seam allowance is included.

Cutting Directions:

For the scrappy strips:

  • Cut a 5-1/4″ x 17″ strip black fabric.
  • Cut a 3/4″ x 17″ strip green fabric.
  • Cut a 1-1/4″ x 17″ strip black/green/white print fabric.
  • Cut a 3-1/2″ x 17″ strip white fabric.
For the background:
  • Cut a 12-1/2″  x 12-1/2″ square/block fabric. (We made two blocks, cutting a 12-1/2″ square of white/black print for the featured block and a 12-1/2″  square of solid green fabric for the second block.)

For the 1/4-circle:

  • Cut a 4″ x 4″ square/block for the 1/4-circle. (We made two blocks, cutting a 4″ square of solid green for the featured block and a 4″ square white/black print for the second block.)

First Step, Stitch the Strip

2b Cut Strips copy

  • Arrange the strips as shown above. Keep the narrowest strips in the center.
  • Match right sides and use a 1/4″ seam allowance to join the strips. Press.
  • Once the strip set is stitched, it should measure 9-1/4″ x 17″.

2c Stitch Strips copy

Create the Dresden Plate

If you’ve never created a Dresden Plate appliqué, you’ll need a template to create the wedges.
  • The traditional Dresden wedge is 4″ to 8″ in length. I designed a template that creates traditional to super-sized Dresden blocks, the Trace ‘n Create Quilt Template—Dresden Plate Collection.

Follow the directions included with the Trace ‘n Create Dresden Template, select the wedge size desired, and trace five wedges per block.

  • For each quilt block, trace five wedges on the top layer, following the instructions in the package.

2d Mark Dresden Shapes copy

  • Use a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler to cut wedges along traced lines.
  • Alternate cutting directions with the ruler. This will make efficient use of your fabric and yield a scrappy design by rotating the cut wedges.

2e Cut Marked Wedges copy
2f Cut Wedges copy

  • Place wedges right sides together and stitch using a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.

2g Fold Pin Wedges copy

  • Use the chain stitching method to stitch all five wedges.

2h Chain Stitch WedgePoints copy

  • Cut threads between wedges and finger-press seams open.

2i Press Seams Open copy

2k Push Out Corner
  • Make a pressing template from a 4″ square of tagboard. In the center of the pressing template, draw a straight line from corner to corner.
  • Insert pressing template between fabric layers, aligning seam with straight line.
  • Press. Use the pressing template to assure that all five wedges will align in the next step.

2l Index Card Trick copy
2m Pressed Point copy

  • Place two wedges right sides together. Stitch with scant 1/4″ seam. Press seam open.

2n Match RS Wedges copy
2o Pairs Of Wedges copy

  • Stitch five wedges together.
  • Press the seam allowances open.

2p Join All 5 Wedges copy

  • Pin the Dresden petals to the background, aligning the bottom and right sides of the petals to the background.

2q Pin to Bkg copy

  • Machine stitch around the points of the Dresden petals using a blanket stitch and monofilament thread.
  • Use a straight-stitch along the bottom and right sides to secure the edges.

2r Machine Stitch Using MonoF copy

  • Determine the size of the circle diameter used in the lower corner of the quilt block.
  • Follow the directions on the Trace ‘n Create Quilt Template—Dresden Plate Collection to determine the finished diameter.
2s DetermineCircle Size copy
2t Use Guide To Get Size copy
  • Layer the circle fabric and interfacingnonfusible side to right side of fabric. Trace desired circle size onto interfacing.
  • For this block, the diameter is traced at the 6-1/2″ diameter mark on the circle template.
  • Mark the stitching line.

2u Mark Circle on IF and Fabric

  • Stitch directly along the line.
  • Remove the excess fabric, 1/4″ past the stitching line, using the Pinking Rotary Cutter.
2v Stitch On Marked Line Cut copy


  • Trim away the interior of the interfacing with a scissors, leaving about 1″.

2w Trim Excess IF copy

  • Turn and fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

2x Turn IF press copy
2y FinishedCurve copy

  • Place finished quarter circle on the lower corner of the Scrappy Dresden block.
  • Cover the edges of the Dresden center by at least 1/4″.
  • The quarter circle should line up with the background square.

2z StitchToDres copy

  • Stitch circle to Dresden Plate with a straight stitch, blind hem stitch, or decorative stitch.
  • Straight stitch the corner edges to secure them.
2 01 BOM WhiteBkg Copy
2 01 BOM GREENBkg Copy copy

Share your 2015 Adventure Quilt Blocks Socially

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What would a Quilt Look Like?

As part of this Block of the Month series, included are ideas of what a quilt might look like if you made it with only this month’s block. Some of the concepts have sashing and others do not. These quilts are a good way to brainstorm what this block looks like repeated.

  • This quilt features blocks made with different backgrounds, sashings, cornerstones, and borders. The Dresden petals all point in one direction.


  • The following quilt features four blocks grouped together to make a circle or flower shape. No sashing is included, but a border has been added.
  • Lastly, a Dresden block quilt for your wild side.  This concept has Dresdens pointing in all directions to make a sort of “snake” through the quilt top. No sashings were used, but a border has been added.

In the 2015 Adventure Quilt Block of the Month series, we’ll be making twelve fun blocks from five different templates/tools: Carefree Curves Template, Dresden Template, Grandmother’s One Patch Template, Lone Star Template, and the No-Hassle Triangles Gauge.

See all the 2015 Adventure Quilt Blocks HERE.


Watch for the next block to arrive on the third Saturday of each month!

Bye for now,

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  • DreiPunkteWerk
    January 17, 2015

    Dear Nancy,
    this is a nice post! For me the Dresden Pattern is a bit ‘old fashioned’, but in your new snake order it is beautiful!
    Liebe Grüße from Germany,

  • Mary Ann
    January 17, 2015

    Is there a PDF for this block? Sure is pretty.
    Thank you!

      • Iris Ray
        January 17, 2015

        Thank you, it would be most helpful.

  • Cathy Parker
    January 17, 2015

    Thanks, as you always come up with unique ideas that are easy and beautiful when completed. I love the change you gave to the Dresden. Love you help.

  • Kathy
    January 17, 2015

    Pretty!! I think I will try this..

  • Robyn
    January 17, 2015


  • Pam Stultz
    January 17, 2015

    Thanks so much for the beautiful quilt pattern. I have the tools to make it made a dreseden plate a couple years ago. can’t wait to try this one

  • Jackie Brown
    January 17, 2015

    If I wanted to gather all the fabric now for the 12 month BOM, how much yardage would I need of each 3/4 colors. Thanks

  • Pam Stultz
    January 17, 2015

    thank you for a beautiful pattern. Made on a couple years ago and I like this one too

  • Janet L.
    January 17, 2015

    Love this pattern, can’t wait to make it.

  • Bonnie Thiem
    January 17, 2015

    I love your idea of the BOM. I also love your color way. I learn so much from making different blocks.. I can’t wait to see next month’s block and all the rest of the year’s blocks. I’m real excited. Thank you so much.

  • Merrill Bennington
    January 17, 2015

    This look really pretty. But could you give us an idea of the amount of fabric that will be needed…I would hate to start out with one color scheme and get half the blocks finished and not be able to complete with coordinating colors.

  • Alma
    January 17, 2015

    As always, your instructions are perfect and I am inspired to follow, and make, your Adventure Quilt along with you. Thank you for offering a year full of anticipation and excitement as we work on and wait for each month’s block, and also for sharing ideas for quilts using just the one block for an entire quilt. This lovely block would make beautiful table runners and kitchen bench mats, too.

  • Nancy
    January 17, 2015

    I’m wondering what the finished quilt size will be and what would be the total material needed. Will be fun to do this.

  • Alice
    January 17, 2015

    I LOVE IT! Wow!! Is there a reason you trace your blades and cut instead of cutting the blades directly using your template?

      • Alice
        January 17, 2015


  • Iris Ray
    January 17, 2015

    Is it possible to print the pattern off as my computer is nowhere near my sewing area. Thank you.

  • Berenice
    January 17, 2015

    Ha! I thought I was not going to have New Year’s resolutions!! Looks like I will have to change my mind and resolve to finish a project following your tutorials. Love the snaky pattern too, I know a certain child that would love this.

  • Barb
    January 17, 2015

    I have a different Dresden template. How wide should the top and bottom be?

  • Bertha G
    January 17, 2015

    Love the scrappy wedge – Just a bit confused — a couple of places it says “20 wedges” is that a typo, or should we be making 4 squares? Also, I have a different dresden template, can you tell me the top width of the individual plates on this block? It looks like it might be 4 1/4 — Thanks so much – I love Nancy’s site.

    • rita
      January 18, 2015

      Yes, I’m wondering too. We’re just making one block, right? Perhaps we’re using the other wedges later?

  • Patricia
    January 17, 2015

    I Can’t make this quilt with out a print out I would love to make it but I would have to look at my pc and then run down stairs and do part of it thanks

  • joD
    January 17, 2015

    Very interesting. Being opposite of those that need to know ‘yardage’, IF it is ‘scrapy’, I can see each of these fan ‘blades’ being in different colors. Scrapy is as scrapy looks. Smile.

  • Karen Todd
    January 17, 2015

    I am new to Nancy Zieman and have never quilted. I am looking forward to following for twelve months. Just need the yardage needed for a King Size bed. (Is it possible to make the quilt that large?).

  • Millis
    January 17, 2015

    Love the scrappy look. Would also like a pdf for this block. Looking forward to next month!!

  • Carolyn Andrew
    January 17, 2015

    When I checked my emails this morning, I never expected to see a BOM that you were starting – what a great way to start the new year off! I follow you regularly on my local PBS station as well as every visit you make to the Puyallup Sewing Expo (I live in the Seattle area). I think I own every template you make, so I am ready to start this BOM today! I’ll be using Black, White and Red fabrics and hopefully decreasing my stash a little bit over the next twelve months! Thank you for brightening up this rainy, gloomy Saturday for me. Now I’m off to my sewing room to get started….

  • Sandy Curtis
    January 17, 2015

    Love the block. I make my own pdf by doing a copy and paste into Word editing out parts I don’t need, making pictures I want to refer to smaller, etc. Then saving as a pdf and printing it out.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration.

    • Carolyn Andrew
      January 17, 2015

      I have a program on my computer called PDF Architect which allows me to simply hit file, print, PDF Arch, give it a name and it automatically sets it up in PDF form for me. Love technology!

  • Sandra Hall
    January 17, 2015

    I am so glad to be able to see you on your blog. Our PBS doesn’t carry your show any more and I was really missing you!
    I just finished your book “Seams Unlikely” and enjoyed it cover to cover. I am going to share it with a good friend.She will love it too! Block of the month is so great! I will be following all the time. Hopefully I will get to see you in person again. I am sewing on the machine with your signature on it, from the Houston area event several years ago!!

      • Sandra Hall
        January 17, 2015

        KUHTHD in Houston, TX (channel 8)
        I will start following on line! Thanks.

  • Pauline Dean
    January 17, 2015

    I love this block. I love the snack layout. Need to go through my stash and see what I have. Can’t wit to get started. I am also in a quilt group with Leah Day. So I will be working on 2at the same time. This is my first BOM with Nancy

  • MaryEllen
    January 17, 2015

    This was a great surprise to find in my email box today. I’m in the midst of reorganizing a room for sewing or I would start this second. Cool idea!

  • Starla
    January 17, 2015

    it’s so cool to see the different patterns that can be made from one block!

  • Barbara Howe
    January 17, 2015

    Wow! This new quilt block looks FANTASTIC. Quite modern, yet quite traditional at the same time. I love the black/white pattern with the accent color. I think this will be my next quilt project. Thanks Nancy!

  • Mildred Squyres
    January 17, 2015

    This month’s block sure is a different twist to a traditional Dresden or Fan block. I love it. Nancy, you sure come up with some neat ideas. Read you book “Seams Unlikely” and really enjoyed it. Just to let you know, my husband was a police officer in Houston for about 25 years. You mentioned that one of your sons is a police officer.
    I’ve watched your sewing program for years and sure miss it now that Houston PBS doesn’t carry it.

  • Rebecca Eveland
    January 17, 2015

    I’m in there with the rest of you who would benefit from having a hard copy of Nancy’s great instructions as well as the wonderful accompanying photos, so tried this and it worked.
    I placed the cursor and clicked in the middle of Nancy’s first paragraph of dialog. Then on my PC, went up to File, Save as, Downloads, shortened the document name that had transferred over, then hit Save. Just to make sure this worked, I went into Word via the icon in the lower left hand corner of my desktop (the MS logo), clicked on it, then clicked on Word, made sure I was in Downloaded and found Nancy’s great instructions.
    Hope this helps someone…

  • Jackie Branscum
    January 17, 2015

    I love this approach. I am looking forward to the Adventure! Can hardly wait to see what’s next. I’ve got some fat quarters that may work for this-I’ll have to sort them out to see what I have. I’m thinking of bright colors on black. Then small prints to coordinate or blacks. Gotta see what I can find.

  • Kristi
    January 17, 2015

    this is so exciting to get to start right at the beginning! I first saw your show when I lived in Wi 17 years ago! Was let down when I moved back home to Tx and you were not on our local PBS. But thanks to the internet I have found a way to still follow you’re wonderful ideas! Thanks for your instructions and inspiration!

  • Carol DeWitt
    January 17, 2015

    Today is my birthday and I have been watching your show for too many years to say. What a treat to find this BOM adventure. I’m going to make it for myself in 30s reproduction fabrics. They remind me of the quilts my Grandma made. Hope I get it finished before my next birthday. Keep up the good work Nancy! I’ll keep watching.

  • Marty
    January 18, 2015

    Love the fact that these “Double Wedding Rings” don’t have to be identical!

  • Marty
    January 18, 2015

    Love the ‘snake’ look!

  • Katherine Caldwell
    January 19, 2015

    Thank you for this block of the month I love the colors. i just got the Dresden tools for a Christmas and now I get to try them out.
    Thank you

  • LForest
    January 20, 2015

    The cutting directions say to cut a 12 1/2″ white square and
    6 1/2″ green square, but for 2 blocks we should need a green and white of each size, is that correct?

  • rita
    January 20, 2015

    Do we need 20 wedges or 5 wedges?

    • rita
      January 22, 2015


  • Sandi Clark
    January 21, 2015

    I am so happy that you have started a block-a-month, Nancy! I have been a NNotion’s customer/fan way back before you had an actual catalog…your supplies were printed on sheets of paper, and yes, I did order from them. My sewing room is filled with NNotion’s items. You have filled my days with happiness as I sew for myself, family, friends and charity. Thanks so much!

  • Judy Nicely
    January 21, 2015

    Any chance for a PDF of the BOM? I prefer to have the paper pattern to refer to when sewing. Also, how long will these patterns remain on your blog?

  • Jennifer Fried
    January 25, 2015

    Dear Nancy, Love how many applications this has. So many designs! So many different looks with just the change of a color.Thank You, Jennifer

  • Julie
    January 27, 2015

    where is the PDF. early on in this it says to click on “print as PDF” at lower right at bottom, but I do not see it anywhere. please help. I need to be able to print the pattern. thanks.

  • sherri
    January 30, 2015

    Is there any way for me to make my own template I do not have the finances to buy at this moment but would love to do quilt I look ed for template in local joannes they do not have and besides money is tight

  • Tina O'Shea
    February 1, 2015

    I have never done anything like this, but looks like so much fun. Just received the Dresden templates with book and DVD. Going to start today since it is snowing and cold. Thanks Nancy!

  • Christa Jackson
    February 5, 2015

    Love the idea of a BOM, something to look forward to each month. Thank you.

  • Carol
    February 7, 2015

    Just competed this first block. Great fun! Can’t wait to see the second block. When will it be posted?

  • Theresa
    February 10, 2015

    Beautiful as usual! Love your color choices and tutorial has perfect instructions. Looking forward to the next block! Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  • Sandy Andreasen
    February 10, 2015

    When is block 2 coming? I’m ready!! Love the look

  • Eileen Tolson
    February 20, 2015

    still waiting for answer and want to purchase the block of month club on the on with the dresden templet with has the black and white and green material no one on the phone knew the number and wish to do please answer this please answer as it the 3 email and 4 phone calls and no luck

  • Annette
    June 2, 2015

    Thank you for this! But I scrolled down to find the Print PDF in the lower right, and I cannot find it. Help!

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