Second Annual Stocking Challenge – Winners Announced

Nancy Zieman's 2015 Christmas Stocking Sewing Challenge. Learn how to sew a Christmas Stocking, then enter Nancy Zieman's Sewing Challenge.

Second Annual Stocking Challenge – Winners Announced

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The Christmas Stocking Sewing Challenge was so much fun to host. I enjoyed seeing all the entries and the talent showcased in the event. You can still view the virtual stocking show online in this post. As may know, voting came to a close over the weekend, and it is now time to announce the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to all the friends, family, and sewing enthusiasts who voted!

Nancy Zieman's 2015 Christmas Stocking Sewing Challenge. Learn how to sew a Christmas Stocking, then enter Nancy Zieman's Sewing Challenge.

If your stocking is featured here, you will receive an email from my team requesting contact information. Congratulations!

StockingWinners2015 NancyZieman 1

The Winners are:

  1. Victorian Lady’s Boot
  2. White Poinsettia
  3. Victorian Men’s Boot
  4. Reindeer Swirl
  5. Cardinal Christmas Stocking
  6. Christmas Kitty
  7. Oh Holy Night!
  8. A Very, Merry Christmas
  9. Have a Harley Christmas

 And the winners are:

      • First Place: F+W Media Sewing and Quilting Book Bundle, a $159 value

1 LadysBoot

F+ W book bundle for Nancy Zieman's Stocking Challenge

2 Poinsettia

NancysNotions DVD Bundle

3 MensBoot

      • Fourth Place: Riley Blake Church Ladies Apron Fabric, a $110 value

4 Swirl

      • Fifth Place: Pellon Bundle Package, a $110 value

5 CardinalStocking

SWN StockingChallenge Pellon

      • Sixth Place: Bundle of Nancy Zieman Products and Notions from Clover, a $102 value

6 ChristmasKitty

Stocking Challenge Prize Package

7 OhHolyNight

      • Eighth Place: Quilter’s Package from June Tailor, a $90 value

8 AVeryMerryChristmas


9 HaveAHarleyChristmas

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Congratulations to Amanda who wins the Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day event. She wins a prize Tablet Keeper Template Bundle from Clover.

NancyZieman GiveAway 2

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  • Debbie
    December 15, 2015

    Congrats to all the winners. Thank you Nancy for the opportunity!

  • Sandy
    December 15, 2015

    All amazing work, congrats to the winners!
    Thanks to Nancy (et al) for hosting something to inspire us all!

    Everyone that entered was a true winner!!

  • maga
    December 15, 2015

    Wow – looks like the same person scooped the first 4 prizes; what a superb pre-Christmas present to get. There were so many absolutely gorgeous entries. As Sandy says everybody entering are winners because they inspire the non-entrants like myself so Thank You very much to Nancy for creating this opportunity and to everybody who entered and inspired others.

  • Jill
    December 15, 2015

    Although the winners are gorgeous, perhaps next year you could limit the contest to one entry per person/phone no./email?

  • Rebecca Monnin
    December 15, 2015

    All the entries were beautiful. . .therefore all were winners in my book! Congratulations to the prize winners. A big thank you to Nancy for hosting the contest and providing such generous prizes! Merry Christmas, everyone! Now, grab a cookie (or two), some egg nog, and get back to the sewing machine where your projects are waiting!

  • Barbara Palmatier
    December 15, 2015

    Just goes to show there are a lot of talented people out there. Happy holidays to all.

  • Veronica
    December 15, 2015

    CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!! It would have been nice if there was only one chance for a person to win instead of the same person winning multiple prizes. I hope there is also a some thought put into the contest being judged by a panel of SEWERS instead of by the followers and friends of a contestant. GREAT work SEWERS!!!

  • Mary Ellen
    December 15, 2015

    Enjoyed all of the sewers who took the time to make and create their stockings. A big thank you to Nancy for making the contest available to all, especially for the great prizes.

  • Kris
    December 15, 2015

    Congratulations to the winning stockings!! Thanks for awesome prizes!! Already thinking of ideas for next year!! Merry Christmas Nancy and to your staff as well!!

  • Dee
    December 15, 2015

    Thank you so much for hosting the Second Annual Christmas Stocking Sewing Challenge. The talent exhibited in the photos submitted to this event was extraordinary. However, I wish there was the ability to enlarge the thumbnails so we could truly enjoy the quality of the remarkable workmanship presented. Such a small percentage of entries have workable links to view a larger picture on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.
    I totally agree with Veronica’s comments about the judging by a panel of SEWERS and there being only one opportunity to win a prize instead of one person winning multiple prizes. Perhaps not showing the total number of votes until the contest closes would be more appealing too.
    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone participated in this challenge.

  • Connie W
    December 16, 2015

    I agree with Veronica’s and Dee’s comments. This was a popularity contest and not a sewing contest. When I read a recommendation that various social medias should be involved in voting, I knew there was no chance in my entry even being considered for a hopeful prize. Also where would we be if Nancy’s directions to any of her projects were presented to us in blurry vision? That is what was shown with each thumbnail photo. I was hopeful that they would be changed into the original photos we all presented and even made a private message requesting that happen before voting. I am not a poor sport in my comments here. Perhaps if contests are held in the future that it is on equal playing fields to everyone entering the contest. So many of the photos were indistinguishable as to detailed workmanship.

  • Lorij
    December 26, 2015

    I agree with Connie and Dee and it does look like the same person received the first four prizes. I had a really hard time trying to enter. One of your staff members finally helped therefore I only entered one stocking. And, like Jill suggested maybe only one per person would be more fair to all. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and I pray 2016 will be a healthy, happy and fulfilling year for you and your family and staff.

  • Lois Palmisano
    January 12, 2016

    Hi, my all-time favorite Christmas stocking was the one where a HUGE BIG TOE is sticking out fom the hole in the stocking, Maker unknown,This was seen at an annual Guild dinner, the main purpose of the guild was to make Chrismas for Children’s Protective Sevices in Omaha, NE

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