Quilt to Give: Step Three—Stitch the Outside Columns


Quilt to Give: Step Three—Stitch the Outside Columns

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It’s the third step of the Quilt to Give, community quilting project. Using fabric from your stash to stitch an attractive bed-sized quilt and then giving it to those in need is a wonderful way to show love and concern for others. The best gift is always in the giving!

The first step was to sort out your fabrics with the second step featuring cutting instructions. These steps take manageable bites of time—no more than 2-hours as a solo project, or less time if you’re sewing with friends.

Step Three—Stitch the Outside Columns

Each column is comprised of three parts: two outside columns and a patchy center column.P6010046.JPG

  • Join two crosswise strips, stitching short ends together. To save time, chain stitch pairs of fabric strips. Each column unit requires two outside strips. P5260154.JPG
  • The length of each strip will be approximately 82″.
  •  Press the seams open or in one direction. Hang the strips over a hanger to keep neat and tidy until tomorrow’s step!

Step four is next. Here are the links to all the steps:

Step 1—Sort out fabrics from several stashes

Step 2—Cut column strips and center patchy strips 

Step 3—Stitch column lengths

Step 4—Stitch the patchy center columns

Step 5—Create the columns

Step 6—Piece the quilt top

Step 7—Audition borders

Step 8—Add borders

Step 9—Layer and quilt your creation

Step 10—Binding and labeling

Quilt for Others with “Quilt to Give” Learn how to set-up and organize a Quilt to Give Event.

This quilt is a modification of a quilt from the book Column Quilts.

Quilt to Give Nancy Zieman

The gift is in the giving!

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