Magic Inch Quilts – Part One

Magic Inch Quilts by Kerr and Ringle on Sewing With Nancy - Nancy Zieman - Improv Modern Quilts

Magic Inch Quilts – Part One

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Magic Inch Quilts NancyZieman CoverIt’s common to watch improvisational comedy or be involved in a spontaneous game of softball, but have you ever thought that quilting could be equally spur-of-the moment? Please welcome Nancy Zieman’s guests Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, masters at improvisational piecing with one inch strips. Bill and Weeks of Modern Quilt Studio will share their technique from their book Magic Inch Quilts on Sewing With Nancy.

Magic Inch Quilts by Kerr and Ringle on Sewing With Nancy - Nancy Zieman - Improv Modern QuiltsIn part one of the Sewing With Nancy series, Magic Inch Quilts, Bill will share how he and wife, Weeks, like to begin a quilting project with an overall plan but make individual design decisions as they go along, as opposed to having a specific design that they follow inch by inch.

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Chorus Line Quilt

Their quilt, Chorus Line, is the ideal quilt to begin this series. The rows of 1″ strips gradate from numerous to few and give the impression of a Broadway musical’s grand finale. Bill will show you how to create this modern quilt design.

Magic Inch Quilts NancyZieman 1

Magic Inch Quilts by Kerr and Ringle on Sewing With Nancy - Nancy Zieman - Improv Modern Quilts

Splice of Life Quilt

Working in columns is a fun and fast way to tackle our next quilt, Splice of Life, in any size. You’ll love the freedom of choosing the number of splices and the spacing of them to make this quilt your own. Choose two colors for a graphic quilt similar to the one shown here or dig into your stash for a scrappy version.

Magic Inch Quilts NancyZieman 5

See how we create these quilts with sewing demonstrations on Sewing With Nancy. Watch it online, today. Find your copy of Magic Inch Quilts at Nancy’s Notions.

WeeksRingle NancyZieman

Watch Magic Inch Quilts  (Part One and Part Two)on Sewing With Nancy online.

The Best of Sewing With Nancy TV Show hosted by Nancy Zieman

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For a chance to win a copy of Magic Inch Quilts from Nancy’s Notionsleave a comment sharing your answer to: What is smallest fabric scrap you save?

Magic Inch Quilts by Kerr and Ringle on Sewing With Nancy - Nancy Zieman - Improv Modern Quilts

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The randomly selected winner of a copy of the Second Chance T-Shirt Gifts pattern from Mary Mulari from the June 4 and 11 blog posts, is Mary Dunden-Smith.

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Her comment is: I volunteer at a thrift store, and I’ve been gathering T-shirts that can’t be sold due to small holes, etc. I plan to use the T-shirts to make tote bags, bibs, and other items as gifts for friends and family. I also plan to display some of my T-shirt creations at the thrift store to give customers ideas for reusing their old T-shirts.


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Happy Quilting!

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  • Charleen
    June 18, 2019

    the smallest scrap I save is strings from cutting and shaving extras off a piece to square it up. I use them in dog pillows for the local shelter. I know, weeeee little is too small for some.

  • Ann West
    June 18, 2019

    I do a lot of applique, so any scrap larger than 1/2 inch is fair game for my stash.

  • Donna Fecteau
    June 18, 2019

    I am a fabric hoarder! It’s true I tend to save all the pieces left because I do like to paper piece and I have used some very small pieces doing that.

  • Julie Kill
    June 18, 2019

    I save practically everything! I try to find creative ways to use the smallest scraps, either in applique, craft projects, wall hangings, even in the garden as mulch material, or pot liners to keep the soil from falling out. I am a firm believer in recycling! and “Waste not, Want not “.

  • Eva Osmun
    June 18, 2019

    I would love to try this!

  • Carol Netzler
    June 18, 2019

    I used to save everything. I’ve now gotten to the stage of saving 2-3 inch pieces or larger. This still gives me quite a scrap stash.

  • Carolyn T
    June 18, 2019

    Fabric scraps large enough for a small doll’s socks or belt are about the smallest I save.

  • Anne Z
    June 18, 2019

    The smallest pieces I save are the trimmings from blocks I square up. I use these to stuff memory bears.

  • Cecilia
    June 18, 2019

    The smallest I have been saving are 1 inch pieces. Thank you for the opportunity to win and create with them.

  • Sandy Haber
    June 18, 2019

    Generally I keep anything 2″ and above. I just finished a quilt that used 11.5″ blocks so right now I’ve got a bunch of those as well.

  • Janie H
    June 18, 2019

    The smallest scrap now is 2×2. I used to save smaller but the scrap pile became unwieldy! So much fabric, so little time.

  • Clovis
    June 18, 2019

    I have some selvage scraps.

  • Lynne H
    June 18, 2019

    i would love to use up some of my stash on this project!

  • Dawn Williams
    June 18, 2019

    Besides selvage strips, the smallest scrap I save is 1 inch. Smaller scraps and trimmings are saved for pet beds.

  • Teri
    June 18, 2019

    Generally anything bigger than an inch would be saved. Sometimes smaller if I have applique project in mind.

  • Yvonne Lind
    June 18, 2019

    I save most 2×2 inch pieces and long narrow strips to make scrappy quilts.

  • Karen L.
    June 18, 2019

    I really never measure my scraps but if they look too small for me to use in a scrap quilt, I toss them into a bag to save for pet beds.

  • Mary Wescott
    June 18, 2019

    I generally save one inch and strings for foundation piecing.
    It is an illness, I am sure.
    I sew with a friend on Tuesdays, sometimes we get permission from each other to throw scraps away!

  • Marie
    June 18, 2019

    Smallest scrap I save is one inch. Anything smaller will take too long to find again!

  • Anita
    June 18, 2019

    I’ll admit to having a coffee can in my stash with some pieces as big as my pinkie fingernail. My bucket list includes a landscape quilt that uses small scraps quilted under wash-away webbing that is then quilted heavily to keep the scraps in place.

  • Phyllis Caskey
    June 18, 2019

    I just started to learn how to quilt. There is a lot to learn. I am looking forward to see the out come. I save at least 1 inch peices. I try watch your show whenever I can get the channel
    Your show has me taught me lot of things.
    Thank-you so much.

  • Karen A
    June 18, 2019

    The smallest scrap I save is probably 2 inches. It takes too much time to work with really small pieces.

  • Janet
    June 18, 2019

    I love this quilt. I haven’t put my toe in the modern quilt world yet. This might get me started……2.5 x 2.5 is about my smallest…..

  • Martha O.
    June 18, 2019

    One inch strips at least 1.5″ long are the smallest fabric pieces I save for scrappy use.

  • Cynthia
    June 18, 2019

    Small enough to start my next thread; 1″x2″

  • Carol
    June 18, 2019

    I keep any scrap I think I can use again. I like to test my stitches on these scraps.

  • Lillian K
    June 18, 2019

    I cut scraps as small as 1-1/2 inch square.

  • Mary Jane
    June 19, 2019

    Hi all,

    Pieces 1 inch by any length are what I stash. Everything else goes for stuffing.

  • Sher
    June 19, 2019

    Smallest I save are 1” strips, squares, triangles for scrappy sewing

  • jan f
    June 19, 2019

    I save lots of scraps. the smallest are 1 inch squares

  • Linda
    June 19, 2019

    I do a lot of collage quilting, portrait quilting and applique so I save everything 1/4 inch by whatever. I have a “go-to” bin where I can find any tiny piece I need for a project.

  • kim
    June 19, 2019

    I save 1-1/2″ and above. I have both strips and squares cut and ready to use in projects. Whenever a fabric is getting low, I cut the rest into usually 1-1/2″, 2″ and 2-1/2″ strips, or smaller sections into squares of the same sizes. I do have a bin of 5″ squares also, and recently have started cutting 10″ squares.

  • Dixie
    June 19, 2019

    I save anything 1/2 inch or more. Have quite a stash.

  • Susan
    June 19, 2019

    The smallest fabric scrap that I have saved is probably about an inch long and wide because of applique.

  • Lorraine Alves
    June 20, 2019

    The smallest scraps of fabric I have saved are the selvage edges from yardage. I especially like the piece of selvage with the color code on it. It adds something special to scrap quilts.

    June 21, 2019

    The smallest scraps I save are about 1/2 X 1 inch. They might come in handy for Tammie Bowser’s How to Quilt Art, a class I took at Madison Quilt Expo in 2017 and bought the software. It’s still UFO status!

  • jane
    June 30, 2019

    The smallest I usually save are 1/2 ” scraps. I have quite a collection of scraps organized by size.

  • Karen King
    July 2, 2019

    After reading this I don’t think I will be throwing away as many scraps as I do now!! Thanks for the great ideas!

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