2015 Adventure Quilt: Block of the Month #7

LadysFanBlock White NancyZiemanWM

2015 Adventure Quilt: Block of the Month #7

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LadysFanBlock White NancyZiemanWMThe seventh Block of the Month in The 2015 Adventure Quilt is the Modern Lady’s Fan. Using the Wagon Wheel & Fan Template from The Carefree Curves Template Collection, create a simplified version of a quilting classic. 

If you’ve been following along, you know that this Block of the Month series is a scrap fabric adventure.

Notions, Fabrics, and Supplies:

Get started by choosing fabrics. Any three-color combinations will work. I had a surplus of black, white, and chartreuse green in my quilting fabric scraps.

2a Choose Fabrics copyMonth: Lady’s Fan

All blocks in The 2015 Adventure Quilt measure 12-1/2″ x 12-1/2″, creating a 12″x 12″ finished block. 1/4″ seam allowances are included.


Build the Appliqué

  • Cut strips of fabric 7-1/2″ wide.
  • Align the lower Wagon Wheel & Fan Template along the 8-1/2″ circle marking and the upper edge along the second marking (blue line) from the top edge.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman e

  • Trace the side edges and the curve.
  • Trace the fan shape on two different strips of fabric.
  • Each block will use two fan wedges.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman f

  • Cut along straight lines with a rotary cutter.
  • Use scissors to cut along the curved lines.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman g

  • Matching right sides and using a 1/4″ seam allowance, join the pair of shapes along one straight side.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman h

  • Press seam allowance open.
  • Lay the shape on a 12-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ cut background square, matching the cut edges.
  • Pin.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman i

  • Baste along the lower and left sides within the 1/4″ seam allowance to secure the shape to the background.

Create the Bias Tape

  •  Cut bias strips of fabric 3/4″ wide.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman a

  • Following the directions on the 3/8″ Clover Bias Tape Maker, feed the bias cut strip into the back of the tape maker.
  • Press the strip as it comes out the narrow end; edges folded toward center.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman b

  • Apply the EZ-Steam II, a two-sided, pressure-sensitive fusible tape, to the wrong side of the bias tape.
  • With your fingers, press it in place.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman c

  • Remove the paper backing from the EZ-Steam II.

Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman dFinish the Block

  • Position the bias tape over the curves to conceal the cut edges of the appliqué.
  • Press the tape in place.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman j

  • Edgestitch each edge of the bias tape with monofilament thread.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman l
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman k
  • Repeat these steps to cover the remaining cut edges of the appliqué shape.
Block Of The Month July Nancy Zieman m
Note from Nancy: If you are creating many Lady’s Fan blocks to be used in a single quilt, make sure the bias tape intersects the block’s edge at the same point on all the blocks. This will guarantee smooth circle shapes once the blocks are joined. See the Bull’s Eye Quilt idea at the end of this post.

LadysFanBlock White NancyZiemanWMLadys Fan Block NancyZieman Block of the Month


  • Click the “Print Post as PDF” button at the lower right of this post to print out these instructions.

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What would a Quilt Look Like?

As part of this Block of the Month series, included are ideas of what a quilt might look like if you made it with only this month’s block. Some of the concepts have sashing and others do not.

  • Consider alternating the colors and the direction of this block to create a chain look in this contemporary design. 
  • This quilt uses a traditional fan block setting to showcase the Modern Lady’s Fan blocks. Sashing and cornerstones have been added to the 48 blocks.
  • Like the quilt at the end of last month’s blog post, this block is ideal for creating “bull’s eyes” by grouping four blocks together.

Carefree Curve Ideas on Sewing With Nancy

Quilt With Carefree Curves (Part Two) on Sewing With Nancy, features a variety of ways to create traditional, curved quilt designs without the hassle. Watch online at your convenience!
The three templates in the Trace ‘n Create Quilt Templates—Carefree Curves Collection will provide you will variety of versatility.

Trace 'n Create Quilt Templates Carefree Curves Collection by Nancy Zieman

To watch Sewing With Nancy on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, download the app.

Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman | How to Quilt With Carefree Curves

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Bye for now,

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  • Berenice
    July 18, 2015

    Looks so much easier than messing with trying to sew curves and making them work!

  • Karen V B
    July 18, 2015

    Your shows get even better as we go along. I like the format of the blog and have learned a lot from it. Giving is your nature. Talent is your gift.

  • Dawn
    July 18, 2015

    looks like a fun quilt, so many possibilities for layout. would love to try one.

  • Karen Patterson
    July 18, 2015

    Beautiful Nancy!!!! You are so so talented not only in sewing but teaching your skills too!! I love all those quilts! They look so fun to make, would love to make some of them!!

  • Carol Wineman
    July 19, 2015

    You say 3/8″ bias tape maker, but I don’t find a 3/8″ bias tape maker. Do you mean 3/4″

  • Jennifer Fried
    July 19, 2015

    Dearest Nancy, I just love the block of the month idea. Every month I look forward to seeing this. So many great tips and new ways to simplify these project. Thank You. From the old sew and sew, Jennifer

  • Marty
    July 20, 2015

    Love the clean look of this fan pattern much more than traditional ones with lace; thanks for showing your process since at first glance I assumed all seams were pieced and pressed instead of sewing on top of the thinner curved stripe.

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