Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along, Part Three

Nancy Zieman’s Knit Dress Sew Along 2015 | McCalls M7152 | #NZKnitDressSAL

Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along, Part Three

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Nancy Zieman’s Knit Dress Sew Along 2015 | McCalls M7152 | #NZKnitDressSALPart three of the Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along focuses on the finishing techniques. If you missed the Sew Along Kick-Off, Part One: Cutting the Dress, or Part Two: Basic Construction, you can review them here. You can always stitch ahead.

Nancy Zieman’s Knit Dress Sew Along 2015 | McCalls M7152 | #NZKnitDressSALToday, we will finish the dress by applying the facings, completing the shoulder, decorative buttons, side seams, and creating the hem.

You may want to use these optional notions and supplies when sewing the last steps:

Apply the Facing

  • Pin the prepared facing to the dress yoke, matching right sides.
  • Stitch the longer neckline seam first, using a 5/8″ seam allowance.

1b StitchInterfacing Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Grade the seam allowance.
Note from Nancy: Grading is an apparel term where each fabric in the seam allowance is trimmed to a different length, creating a gradual tapering so there isn’t a ridge or lump when the garment facing is turned right side out. Generally, the garment fabric is trimmed to approximately 3/8″ and the facing is trimmed to 1/4″.
1 gradeInterfacing Knit Dress Sew Along2 GradeFabric Knit Dress Sew Along
  • Turn the yoke facing to the wrong side of the dress, without sewing the armhole.
  • Press the seam allowances towards the yoke facing.
3 PressFacing Knit Dress Sew Along
  • Understitch the seam allowances to the facing, working from the right side of the facing.
  • Use a wobble or zigzag stitch.

4b UnderstitchArmhole Knit Dress Sew Along4a UnderstitchNeck Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Press.

5PressNeckFacing Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Turn the facing wrong side out, again.
  • Pin the remaining armhole.
  • Stitch, grade, clip, and understitch this seam.

6 PinAssymFacing Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Turn the dress right side out through the shoulders.
7 TurnThurShoulderSeam Knit Dress Sew Along
  • Pin the asymmetrical shoulder openings.

8 PinAsymShoulderSeam Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Stitch using a 5/8″ seam allowance.

9 SewAsymShoulderSeam Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Trim the excess fabric from the corners. This will provide a nice crisp corner when the facing is turned right side out.

10 ClipCornersAsym Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Turn the two shoulders right side out, using the Point 2 Point Turner to push the corners to a point.

11a TurnPress Neck Arm Knit Dress Sew AlongComplete the Side Seam

  • Serge or use a wobble stitch to sew each side seam. Use a 5/8″ seam allowance.11b SergeSideSeam Knit Dress Sew Along
  • Tack the facing to the side seam.

11c TackFacingsAtSeam Knit Dress Sew Along

  • Topstitch around the neck and armholes, working from the front.
11 Topstitch Neck Arm Knit Dress Sew Along

12 TestOverlap Knit Dress Sew AlongComplete the Shoulder

13 MarkButtonPlacement Knit Dress Sew AlongNote from Nancy: The closure on the shoulder is decorative, though you may choose to add real functioning buttons to the garment. If you need assistance with buttonholes, please see my blog post with video on this: The Absolute Easiest Way to Sew Buttonholes
  • Overlap the shoulder and place pins at the determined button placement.

14 ButtonPlacement Knit Dress Sew Along

  •  Hand sew or machine stitch three buttons in place.

Nancy Zieman’s Knit Dress Sew Along 2015 | McCalls M7152 | #NZKnitDressSAL

Create the Hem

Note from Nancy: The dress calls for a 1″ hem along the lower edge. Try the dress on to determine your appropriate hem length.

Hem Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along 1

  • Use a straight stitch to hem the knit dress, making sure to keep your stitching line equidistant from the folded lower edge.

Hem Nancy Zieman Knit Dress Sew Along 2Finished!

And with that, the M7152 Knit Dress is complete. We’d love to see your photos and your finished dresses in the photo link tool below. Great work! It has been a pleasure sewing with you on this dress. Thank you for joining me.



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