Patriotic Tumbler Flag Quilt

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt First

Patriotic Tumbler Flag Quilt

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Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt First
Sewing With Nancy viewers often email photos of their creative works. Nancy Zieman’s team loves seeing what you create! The image of the Tumbler Flag Quilt caught Nancy’s attention and she knew you’d like to see it too. It was designed and made by Linda Coon from Louisiana, who caught the quilting bug a few years ago and hasn’t stop quilting. Linda agreed to share her quilting tutorial.
But first, let’s introduce you to Linda through a conversation she had with Nancy Zieman:
Nancy: How long have you been quilting?
Linda: I didn’t become a true quilter until a few years ago, and then I became an obsessed quilter about four years after I started quilting. My sister was visiting when we saw a quilt in Quilter’s World Magazine called Battle Warfare. We decided we would each make a quilt for an upcoming quilt retreat. A year later, I finished a king-sized version and gave it as a birthday present.
Nancy: Why did you make this patriotic quilt?
Linda: While shopping at my local shop, Bright Hopes Quilting in Mandeville, LA, I learned of their effort to make quilts for the returning National Guard Unit from Slidell. That’s what started my quilting passion!
Nancy: How did you get the idea for the design?
Linda: I thought a great use of fabric scraps would be to cut out tumbling blocks. (The fabrics leftover from my first quilt were used for part of this quilt.) My idea was to create a flag and the rows of tumbling blocks would appear as a true flag, blowing in the wind. It was magic! And, the best part was that it was so easy.

Not only was this Tumbler Flag Quilt Linda’s fourth donation to returning soldiers; she has graciously shared the design and the quilting tutorial with all of us!

Tumbler Flag Quilt Tutorial designed by Linda Coon

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt Finished

Supplies, Fabrics, and Notions:

  • Assorted red, off-white, and blue fabrics
  • Chaco Liner Yellow Pen
  • Grandmother’s One Patch Template: Tumbler Block
Note From Team Nancy2
Consider using all the red, white, and blue scraps to bust your fabric stash. We think you’ll be pleased with the color-coordinated, scrappy results.

Cutting Tumblers:

Red: Cut 131 tumblers and 23 finishing pieces from 4-1/2″ crosswise strips, approximately 1-1/2 yards. 
Off-White: Cut 138 tumblers from 4-1/2″ crosswise strips, approximately 1-1/2 yards. 
Navy: Cut 55 tumblers and seven finishing pieces from 4-1/2″ crosswise strips, approximately 5/8 yards.

Tip: For easy figuring of yardage, for all of Clover’s Trace ‘N Create Quilting Templates by Nancy, please see the template package backs. We have included each block size, block quantities, and yardage for block quantities.

  • For each solid fabric tumbler, the cutting directions are the same.
  • Stack several cut strips of fabric.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt red2
  • Align the template as close to the cut end as possible.
  • Trace along each edge.
  • Flip the template, align the traced edge with the template side, and trace the other side of the tumbler shape. Repeat the process until the entire fabric strip has been marked.

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt red1

  • Use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut on each marked line.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt red3
  • Trace and cut the Finishing Pieces.
  • Begin by aligning the template area of the Finishing Piece at the narrow end of the strip. Trace along the template area.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt edges2
  • Flip the template, align the traced edge with the template, and trace the center Tumbler shape. Repeat the process until the entire fabric strip has been marked with half-tumbler shapes.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt edges1
  • Use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut on each marked line.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt edges4
  • Create the pieced blue and off-white strips.
  • Use a 1/4″ seam to stitch together the 1-3/4″ wide off-white fabric strip and the 3-1/4″ wide navy fabric strip.
  • Press the seam allowance towards the navy blue fabric.

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt blue1

  • Cut 36 tumblers from 4-1/2″ strata strips.

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt blue2

Note From Team Nancy2 For the red and white fabrics, simply rotate the tumbler template 180° to nest the shapes next to each other.
For the pieced strip, in order to keep the white at the top of the tumbler shape, cut pieces in the same direction. Always place the widest part of the template along the blue fabric strip. There will be a slight waste of fabric.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt blue3
  • Use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut on each marked line.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt blue4


  • Lay out the rows, starting and ending with a Finishing Piece.
  • Make:
Three columns of #1
Three columns of #2
One column of #3
Four columns of #4
Four columns of #5

RowConstuction Tumbler NancyZieman

  • Pin the coordinating pieces of each column together.
  • Offset the end ¼″—the seam allowance width. Stitch. Repeat for each column.
Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt 5Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt 4
  • Join the block pairs with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt 6

  • Finally, stitch the columns into a quilt top. Simple as that!

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilt FinishedLinda finished her patriotic tumbler quilt with in-the-ditch style quilting.

Nancy Zieman Linda Coon Tumbler Quilting


Watch Grandmother’s One Patch (Part One and Part Twoon Sewing With Nancy online.

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 3.45.20 PM

Happy Quilting,

Team Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman Productions. LLC.

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  • dac
    July 1, 2017

    Have made quilts for Project DJ, and have helped with teddy bears that go to children who come into the emergency room at a local hospital. Also made quilted pillows for veterans, specifically indicating their branch of the service by the fabric used. Have recently been donating to a small shop, Thrift and Gift, whose workers are all volunteers.

  • Rose Cantrell
    July 1, 2017


  • Judy I
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts with my local guild for the FLOC camps and local rehab hospitals for wheelchair bound patients. I have also contributed to the neonatal ICU the small infant quilts for premature newborns…these are tiny quilts that are cherished once the babies are healthy enough to go home.

  • LoAnn
    July 1, 2017

    I am a member of Comfort Quilters (Fairbanks, IN). We make all sizes of quilts to send to disaster areas, to people whose houses have burnt, fleece blankets to the homeless, etc. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Mary Ellen Brandau
    July 1, 2017

    I belong to a group of wonderful ladies who make quilts for veterans of all wars and who are from our local area and small surrounding towns. We also give quilts to local police officers and to veterans who have a dog through an organization called Retrieving Freedom. The total for all of these groups is climbing close to 200. These recipients are so honored when they receive them and it’s wonderful to see.

  • Thunder
    July 1, 2017

    I sew blocks with a group for quilts of Valor, a bunch of us sew blocks, and some of us put blocks together into quilts, then we have some longarm quilters who do the quilting. Quilts of Valor Stars.

  • Linda
    July 1, 2017

    This is beautiful! I sew blocks for Quilts of Valor and am starting to do whole quilts for that organization now. I have also done small quilts that are donated to the children’s hospital and to the local food shelf for children. It’s a great way to engage in my passion for quilting while keeping my fabric stash under control and do volunteer work at the same time.

  • Carol Netzler
    July 1, 2017

    Wow! What a beautiful quilt! I’ve wondered how to make the tumbling block quilt. It looks a little challenging, but your step by step directions make it doable even for me!

  • diane c
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts for people going thru chemotherapy. They can take the quilt with them when they receive their treatment to stay warm.

  • Linda Rupe
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts for anyone in need, most recently homeless in our community and weighted blankets for kids in our local schools.

    July 1, 2017

    I contribute to Project Linus in Springfield, MO. each month I try to make two per month.
    I also coordinated a group of ladies at the Senior Citizens Ctr. to make blankets for the emergency vehicles in Miller MO.
    I meet with a group in Spfd. we make Beds for the Animal Shelter out of our scraps. Teddy bears for the hosp, Bags for personal items Ladies ctr. there is a variety of org. we try to help.

  • Gina Loomis
    July 1, 2017

    Beautiful quilt! I am the coordinator of our prayer quilt ministry at my church. The quilt is quilted but I stitch #5 Pearl Cotton thread throughout the quilt. The quilt is presented to the church and silent prayers are said while tying a knot in the thread. Each knot represents a prayer. We give them to those that have a physical illness or hurting spirituality. The recipient is then covered in prayers when wrapped in the quilt.

  • Laura
    July 1, 2017

    I donate quilts to our local hospital neonatal intensive care unit through our local quilt guild. I also support a local agency for youth at risk for homelessness.

  • Christine M
    July 1, 2017

    I belong to SBQ: Sew Blessed Quilters. We make Prayer Quilts for anyone in need. We continual stock a cupboard with finished quilts so an appropriate quilt will be available when we receive a request. We make children’s quilts, men’s quilts and women’s quilts. To date we have given out over 3,850 prayer quilts.

  • Clovis
    July 1, 2017

    I just recently donated a baby quilt to the Hope 2 Others booth for the Quilt Expo which was sent to Nancy Zieman Productions. I hope you received it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • CariAnn K
    July 1, 2017

    Komforters for kids is with my local quilt guild. Our charity quilt makies quilts and they are donated to local police departments for children in need.

  • Kay Huchteman
    July 1, 2017

    Heart & Hand, an organization which benefits struggling women. Part of what they do is to hire ladies to run a large thrift store, proceeds of which help their program. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to donate results of my craft, and to make purchases from their stock of fabrics, patterns, ribbon, etc.

  • Beverly
    July 1, 2017

    I make charity quilts that go with food baskets to the needy families in my local community, and also to the children of military families whose fathers or mothers are deployed when they attend a local camp sponsored by a charitable organization.

  • Sharon
    July 1, 2017

    I sew with a small group from our guild and we recently gave several quilts to Caring for Kids in St. Louis. We give to different groups every year including Veterans groups, children’s homes and organizations serving homeless.

  • Gina Milano
    July 1, 2017

    I have sewn various blocks for Quilts of Valor in recent years. I have never sewn a tumbler block… and would love to make some flag quilts with my stash of patriotic fabrics!

  • Mona Brant
    July 1, 2017

    My husband is a proud Viet Nam Vet. I would love to surprise him with a quilt like this. I know it will really touch his heart. Unless you have a family member in the military I don’t think you realize or appreciate the sacrifices made by serving. We have a Quilts of Valor in our area and I would be proud to make and donate another to them.

  • Pat
    July 1, 2017

    I and the members of my quilt guild donate our quilts to a local shelter for victims of domestic abuse. The gift is truly in the giving. Thanks for the chance to win the template.

  • Carol Burns
    July 1, 2017

    I helped make quilts that were given to kids living in foster care, also have made and given to families whose homes have burned down and they list everything.

  • Carol Burns
    July 1, 2017

    I have helped make quilts that were given to kids living in foster care, and have also done some for families who lost everything in house fires.

  • Sara Byman
    July 1, 2017

    I donate baby quilts to the Pregnancy Assistance Ministry in Brenham, Texas, as well as touch quilts to local nursing homes.

  • Sharon
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts for Quilts of Valor as well as children’s quilts for foster children in Children and Youth. I have other sewing charities I donate to. I get great enjoyment out of doing this.

  • Karen McSparren
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts to give to children and to nursing homes for their residents. For the past several months I have been making chemo caps to donate to three area infusion centers.

  • Bonnye
    July 1, 2017

    My quilt guild makes quilts of Valor, and quilts for local shelters.

  • Dawn
    July 1, 2017

    I donate many quilted items to Oasis, a local woman’s shelter.

  • Renea Yarolim
    July 1, 2017

    I have made quilts and donated fabric to a church organization who makes quilts for the homeless. I have also made quilts for Project Linus. Thanks for the great giveaway. Love this flag quilt.

  • Katherine Noack
    July 1, 2017

    I have been making quilts to give to the NICU at the Children’s Hospital In St Louis, Missouri. Also have donated to the military families in Missouri. It’s always good to have a variety of quilting supplies.

  • Florence Dupuis
    July 1, 2017

    I don’t have a favorite charity I donate my quilts to but I supported my granddaughter’s school, American Lung Association and several personal fund raisers. I have been liking the Tumbler quilts although I have yet to make one, but I do love this flag tumbler quilt. Add yet another to my bucket list.

  • Anne Z
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts for Project Linus.

  • Mary Ann Lueck
    July 1, 2017

    I was part of the Dorcas Community Sewing Circle at Peace Lutheran Church in Rosenberg, TX for many years until I became ill. I still donate fabric and supplies to help with their mission of making and donating quilts to those in need. Monetary donations to the group helps buy batting, thread and other supplies. I would love to make a tumbler quilt.

  • Jo Riddle
    July 1, 2017

    I donate my quilts to ST. JUDE hospital from time to time. I have also donated to Project Linus.

  • Susan Spiers
    July 1, 2017

    I don’t have a specific charity yet to donate, as I have only been quilting a year-I do however have finished and donated to family members in time of happiness and crisis-as I get more comfortable with my quilting efforts, I hope to gift to a local charity in need! Thank you, Susan

  • Vicky
    July 1, 2017

    That tutorial looks doable for a newbie like me! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Project Linus is the charity closest to my heart.

  • Dorothy Martin
    July 1, 2017

    I donate quilted items to the Salvation Army. They have zero overhead; all monies and donations go to those who really NEED. The homeless in the Washington area are in great need of warmth for the soul and for the body, and that is where my items go. It is a small way to help, but sometimes small acts can comfort.

  • Anna Hollar
    July 1, 2017

    Hi,first of all thanks for the giveaway! I give some of my quilt to children in need (fire, family problems). Most of the time a pillow case and pillow is more available to do for victims of abuse, etc. These could be given to firefighters and paramedics and/or police to give away.

  • beth
    July 1, 2017

    I make pillowcases for hospitals. I would love to make this tumbler quilt.

  • Edna Marks
    July 1, 2017

    Having just started quilting have not given to any charities yet, but would like to give to the local women’s abuse center for the women and the children who go there often with only the clothes they have on.

  • Linda Height
    July 1, 2017

    We have a little group of quilters here where I live and we have donated for the last ten years to the local homeless, salvation army, cancer hospitals and a quilt of valor for a local man.
    I basically quilt donation quilts now. It’s a good thing I’m addicted to fabric and quilting so I can give back to my community.

  • Carol Taylor
    July 1, 2017

    Have donated diaper bags to Hope Clinic through our quilt guild. Also have crocheted caps for Children’s Hospital. Both give me great pleasure knowing I am helping those in my community.

  • Ann
    July 1, 2017

    I belong to a wonderful church quilting group in which we have over 17 different missions that receive all of our prayerful creations. Just to mention a few include mission trips to Ghana, Appalachia, and a homeless shelter for women and children.

  • Martha
    July 1, 2017

    Beautiful flag!!
    I haven’t done a tumble block quilt.
    Was there a measurement of the flag? I didn’t see any listed.
    I’m with the Lititz Project Linus and I will be making one for them and hope that I enjoy this pattern to make more.
    Thank you for your give away.

  • judy
    July 1, 2017

    My QG donates items to a children’s home for children of parents who are unable to care for them. The home receives no government assistance. We also give to a women’s shelter home. This template pack would provide so many possibilities.

  • Nancy Runnels
    July 1, 2017

    I share my quilts with the poorest county of Virginia and VCU Medical Center and military hospital iin and around my area. Also, I make pillowcases for social services and get my friends and family to help gather toys and supplies for children.

  • Phyllis Kelso
    July 1, 2017

    I joined the QOV about 3 yrs. ago. we meet once a month in the basement of a church and work on patriotic quilts for the Veterans. We also make the pillow cases to give them when we present the quilt to them. We just had a quilt show this past Sat. & Sun. to raise some money for our supplies. We had over 100 quilts on display. We only charged $3.00 for admission. We had a nice turn out. All of us also take work home with us if we need too to finish our quilt. I also made Patriotic quilts for my family & friends that are veterans and donated all my time and material. I love & enjoy doing it.

  • Eileen Girens, Burlington, WI
    July 1, 2017

    I absolutely love the appropriate colors of this quilt. I would make it for Quilts of Valor. Thank you for the chance to win. Eileen, Burlington, WI.

  • Sandy Spartz
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts and kits for Quilts of Valor. I am always looking for new ideas for easy and or interesting quilts that meet our guidelines.

    July 1, 2017

    Will copy this pattern (hope this is allowed?) for the Bayside Quilt Guild in Easton, MD. We make Quilts of Valor for the Talbot County (Md) Hospice which gives them to the veterans who come to them (there are lots). The veterans are most happy to receive a quilt as are their families. Bayside also donates quilts to Walter Reed and Marine Moms.

  • Judy H Wubbena
    July 1, 2017

    I make quilts along with the other women in my church, and we give several to Rockford Rescue Mission. We also give some to the Battered Women’s house in Beloit, WI
    (we cannot give out the name, or address of this place.)

  • Mary
    July 1, 2017

    My favorite place to do work is through my American Legion Auxiliary. Everything we do benefits service members and veterans. I also donate my time at our local food pantry. I’m getting ready to start working on making quilts to give for Quilts of Valor.

  • Cathy
    July 2, 2017

    What a clever idea! It makes a nice quilt and I hadn’t thought of a layout like this. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  • Trudy Thomas
    July 2, 2017

    I love this tutorial. This give me idea for different quilts to make. I make and donate quilts to the Quilt for Kids. We get alot of different material and this tumble quilt is a great scrap usage for these quilts. Thanks, Nancy for you ideas.

  • Lillian K
    July 2, 2017

    I have made quilts for a women’s crisis center in my area and also for the area Veteran’s Administration Nursing Home. The recipients at both centers are so deserving.

  • Pat
    July 2, 2017

    I sew children’s quilts as part of my quilt guild community service. The quilts are given to our local fire department and carried in their ambulances to be used when they respond to a fire. The police and fire chaplains also carry quilts in their cars for whatever emergency they respond to.

  • Diane
    July 2, 2017

    Great quilt. I am making pillowcases for MUSC Children’s hospital and quilts for Linus project. Love sewing and this way I can use up my stash.

  • Cathy Kaiser
    July 2, 2017

    I leave my quilts at the Homeless Shelter.

  • Kathy Upton
    July 2, 2017

    I donate baby quilts throughout the year to our local Community Baby Shower project as well out to folks who’ve lost their homes to fire or flood. I’ve just started a QOV quilt….I’m excited about donating that one ….our veterans are so special and need to be shown appreciation.

  • Terrie Grove
    July 2, 2017

    I like the tumbler for its simplicity. I give my quilts to local animal shelters to raffle off and the local public library to raffle. I have made quilts for friends and family. My goal is to give each niece and nephew a quilt.

  • Marty
    July 3, 2017

    I am using bright fabric scraps for children’s hospial quilts and patriotic scraps plus military theme fabrics to make quilts to donate. Larger leftover cuts go into my “Little Dresses” box for sewing. Any “found’ fabrics not to be used for quilts, home decor or my grand daughter’s clothing are donated to my favorite sewing group: our local “Ugly Quilts” program which makes sleeping bags and comforters for the homeless and for domestic abuse shelters.

  • Patricia Phaiah
    July 3, 2017

    I have donated quilts to the hospice unit in hospitals for veterans.

  • Linda Edwards
    July 3, 2017

    Our quilt guild donates quilts to the local hospice facilities in our area in addition to the City Union Mission facility for the homeless. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Debbie
    July 3, 2017

    I have donated to the local schools for auctions, to granddaughters’ youth rodeo groups, to Warriors Weekend and just this past week gave to our grandson’s Little League coach and his wife..I gave them a quilt to say thank you for their years of giving to our grandson and his teammates.

  • ella ruth
    July 5, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tumbler flag. need to get more red, white and blue fabric. : )

  • Julie Kill
    July 5, 2017

    I donate Fabric and quilts to a group called CHUM in Duluth. They make and accept quilts for the homeless, and people in the shelters there. Also make pillow cases for those taken out of their homes due to violence.
    This tumbler pattern is beautiful! It makes the flag look like its waving.

  • Traci
    July 6, 2017

    What a great quilt. I would like to make on someday.

  • Beverly Braun
    July 7, 2017

    I have been donating children’s quilts to The House of Hope–a women and children’s shelter.
    I am looking forward to making this quilt.

  • Beverly Braun
    July 7, 2017

    Look forward to using up more scraps and making this quilt.
    My latest quilts have been donated to The House of Hope–a women and children’s homeless shelter in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  • Donna Fecteau
    July 11, 2017

    Our group donates lap quilts to area hospitals and churches, we also donate pillows and other items to Pefectly Pink an organization for Breast Cancer patients.

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